Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Ishtar-Easter poem came through today... Sorry for the extended sabbatical on the Cosmic Weather...I will resume recording s once the Tao of Astrology, my life work is complete! Should be June 2013! Here's a LINK to the poem! Here is the text: Being Everyone is in their own way... go ahead, tell me your perceived limitations: “I can’t live my dream nor the dream through me, until certain conditions are met.” But why? What if you realized this orchestration of life, of energy-mass afloat within a vibrant space-time continuum is guided by a stream of archetype-consciousness surfing the startide of a universal life wave? And you cannot simply and utterly cannot fail! Even if you tried...for your Being itself is THE pinnacle experience of eternal being crystallized through a brilliant spectrum of dream symbol rivers, aglow through emotion, aflow through thought, alive through form and its sacred sensation... this body of untold passion, a vessel uniting, expressing five dimensions of experience at once... This is it! This is the game the Universe is playing... and you are a precious piece in the field of play... So let go of your particular peculiar despair... and allow yourself to breathe beyond beliefs, to unravel the web of memories supporting the labyrinth of layered attitudes that ignite your behavior... Go back to the center, before all these codes were inscribed in the heartwood rings of being, and release the invisible strands of tension molding your figured knots into the elegant but sickening burrs of your fears... Allow yourself, whoever and whatever you are, to completely BE!

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