Monday, December 06, 2010

Cosmic Weather 139

New Moon in Sagittarius * Mercury Retrograde * Mercury-Mars-Pluto Conjunction

Hello everyone! The Cosmic Weather is back for it's first New Moon podcast in a long time! And it is a dynamic one indeed. This is the time of the year in the northern hemisphere where we get to tell stories around the fire and synthesize our yearly actions into wisdom and meaning. As always the New Moon is about planting a Seed Intention based on where it falls in your natal chart.

We've also got Mercury going Retrograde on December 10th and conjuncting both Mars and Pluto in the process! This is the time to make your Christmas list of things you want to fix, repair, replace, edit, interpret, and heal. That way you won't get blindsided by the shift in mental energy from a place of active streaming to passive introversion. I'm particularly excited as I'm working hard on my astrological masterpiece that you've probably heard me refer to over the last ten years as the Tao of Astrology. This next Winter Season, expect to read it! It will be done or I will, and I don't plan on leaving the planet anytime soon, so the spontaneous flow of writing is on!

Enjoy this crazy time with Mars squares Uranus and drive safely!

Here's the link!