Monday, January 29, 2007

Cosmic Weather 68!

Edgar Cayce * Ceres conjunct Uranus * Full Leo Moon

I've always wondered about this enigmatic psychic healer's chart. Now my wondering has transformed into knowledge with yet another chart of a super-human who lived his nodal axis dream as the "Sleeping Prophet"!

Also this week we've got some amazing transits including the Sun conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, Mercury into Pisces, Ceres and Venus forming a Stellium with Uranus in Pisces, and who could forget the Leo Full Moon report card! Looks like a pefect week for a load of dream analysis, so break out those dusty dream journals!

Here's the link! Enjoy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cosmic Weather 67!

Kahlil Gibran * Jupiter Square Uranus * Krysta Stahl Roy

Welcome to another mind-blowing episode of the Cosmic Weather. We've got the chart of a very special poet, Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet! We included a few scintilating excerpts for your cosmic enlightenment.

In Astrology Illustrated we deal with a tough listener question involving synastry and relationship break-ups. And then we look at our new co-host's chart, Krysta Stahl Roy!

So get ready for an exciting episode as Jupiter squares Uranus, one of our big transits of the year! We've got space battles and astrology coming right at you!

Here's the link. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cosmic Weather 66!

Leonardo Da Vinci * Astrologer Eric Meyers * New Co-host Krysta Stahl Roy

From Kelly Lee Phipps, creator of the Cosmic Weather:

We've got a fantastic beginning of a new Cosmic Weather era with the addition of a new Co-host Krysta Stahl Roy! Let's welcome her with great enthusiasm! Now it's the Click and Cosmic Chick of Astrology! And it's perfect timing too, with three planets changing sign, a Capricorn New Moon, and Venus conjunct Neptune!

Also this week in Astrology Illustrated we have a very special interview with Eric Meyers, author of a new astrology book entitled, "Between Past and Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon and Sun." I've been reading my copy and am delighted that Eric has added this great book to the growing wealth of astrological insight to enrich our field. Eric will be speaking at the Blast Astrology conference in Sedona this March, so I look forward to seeing him there.

And that's not all! We have a riveting Supernova with another Grand Air Trine genius configuration, with the archetypal Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci!

Thanks for tuning in and supporting the Cosmic Weather! Benjamin and I are still offering our Unique Chart Interpretations until the end of the month, so get them while they are hot! Also, I'm offering a New Year's deal on my personal consultations, you get the 80 minute reading with hand drawn chart for the price of the 60 minute reading, a $50 savings until my birthday, Feb 5th! So get online and place your order today.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Cosmic Weather 65!

W.B Yeats * Mars conjunct Pluto * Faraway Guest Yogi from Jersey

From Kelly Lee Phipps, creator of the Cosmic Weather:

Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year! At last the Cosmic Weather features a Dead Poet! Hurray!!! And who knows, with the NFL playoffs in full swing we might get a famous football player, especially since the Superbowl is coming!

It will most likely be a week of initiating changes in your structures with Mars aligning with Pluto and the Galactic Center all trine to Saturn in Leo. Get creative and induce those new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos! Also this week, relationships are in high focus as Venus once again conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius. Remember January last year, when we were all in relationship reflection/crisis mode? This year should be a little easier with no Venus retrograde into Capricorn, but nevertheless, ask yourself how you can bring more refinement and craftsmanship into your art and your partnerships!

We've got a Live Guest caller from Hawaii on the show, one of my best friends on the planet, a yogi from Jersey who loves the Steelers. Go figure! He's into yoga as much as I am into astrology, and he has taken two astrologer training courses, one with me back in 2000. With a fellow zany sense of humor plus a nice grounded Virgo Moon, he just might be the next scintillating co-host of the Cosmic Weather!

Enjoy the show! Here's the link!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Cosmic Weather 64!

Benjamin Resigns * Full Cancer Moon * Mercury Sextile Uranus

From Kelly Lee Phipps, creator of the Cosmic Weather.

That's right folks, you read that correctly. Benjamin is moving on to pursue other activities which he describes eloquently in this week's podcast. I want to thank him for a great dynamic partnership over the last 64 shows and for all his hard work making print-outs, doing research, handling the technical editing, and adding his great sense of humor and life experiential wisdom to the show.

Who knows where the New Year will take the Cosmic Weather from here! I'm very excited about exploring new directions with Jupiter in Sag! Stay tuned and we'll see what happens. Benjamin and I will continue doing Unique Chart Interpretations through January, so if you are still aching to have your chart read by this dynamic duo, then place your order now!

We have a new democratic congress coming in this week on the 4th, the same day Mercury sextiles Uranus, electrifying the debate, helping us to move toward liberation and true freedom as a nation (at least her in America!)

Check out our last exciting show as a team as we look at the Ingress chart for America and break things down play-by-play for the year 2007!

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