Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cosmic Weather 109!

Aries New Moon * Venus Square Pluto * Venus & Mercury into Aries

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the month long delay! I came down with pneumonia and Krysta had a tooth ache, so the universe was conspiring against us, but hey, we made it through it, and it's spring! I'm off the near-death bed and back in the studio!

Happy new Moon in Aries for a new beginning! And boy do I need it. Big shifts are afoot with Mercury and Venus charging into Aries to make a square to Pluto and quincunx to Saturn. Lots of potential transformations in the air!

And I hope you are gearing up for the United Astrology Congress in Denver!

I'm feeling much better, up to about 70%, so please send lots of prayers for healing so I can jam and get the first ever astrology documentary finished!

Here's the link! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cosmic Weather 108!

Mercury & Venus conjunct Neptune * Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus * Mars into Cancer

What a week to be late on the forecast! Whew! There's a lot of moving and shaking happening in the heavens. I've been so busy editing the astrology documentary film and teaching classes and making inspirational astrology videos and running my professional consultation practice, that I didn't have time or energy to get together with Krysta this week to record the show. But after looking at the transits sheet yesterday, I decided the show must go on! There's just too much happening this week to make it all a footnote for next week!

Hope you enjoy the one man show!

Here's the link!