Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cosmic Weather 141

Cancer Full Moon * Jupiter Sextile Sun * Sun and Mar in Aquarius

As I post this Cosmic Weather, I've just heard some news that Robert Blaschke, a great and master astrologer has passed from this earth. Robert appeared in my first film Return of the Magi and brought great wisdom to people through astrology. He will be missed dearly by the astrological community.

Interesting how during this episode I was discussing the preponderance of Septiles during the next two week period, the 54 degree angle that symbolizes angelic intervention. It will be a period to be remembered.

Enjoy the Cosmic Weather as this one is devoted to the memory of Robert Blaschke!


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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cosmic Weather 140

Capricorn New Moon * Solar Eclipse * Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Another New Year's goes by, and yet we feel in the depths of our being, not so new...yet...the earth herself is resetting her energetic field under this early January New Moon with a partial solar eclipse that intensifies things and asks us to plant a really potent seed in the House that hosts the New Moon.

This is the time of the year that sees us slowly emerging from the Winter Solstice point, and rhymes with the New Moon phase, coming into life as a baby, and the Digestive System. It's time to digest new food to make for new energy when Springtime comes...what are you chewing on in terms of the physical, mental, emotional, and archetypal dimensions of experience...which together come together as the spiritual dimension.

At this time, we also get to enjoy the company of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and feel the tide of unusual opportunities upon us, swelling in their revelation of the infinite brew happening within and reflected without. As within, so Without: As without, so within...basic cosmic law in action. The relativistic dynamics of the soul's descent into matter to carve heaven in earth continues, and you may play a glorious part, even if you remain a passive observer, watching the mystery unfold!

So what part will you play in this gleaming round of the soul. Forget your'll be dead and gone from this form very soon...and start to focus on what really matters to you, the things you loved that will really bring on the tears at the funeral...but how will they know unless you cultivate the courage of a warrior and the creativity of a child to invoke the magic of meaning?

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