Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cosmic Weather 107!

Venus conjunct Mercury * Sun Quintile Ceres * Listener Chart

Hello everyone! Another brave week with the Sun into Pisces! This week we have exciting shifts in the universe, with a lot of moon transits, and we should all live up to our potential and do something great this week!

I'm working hard on editing the film Return of the Magi, which is still on sale at a pre-release discount up until April 1st, so save yourself $10 bucks in March and help support the film if you want to see astrology fly into the mainstream culture!

We also take an in-depth look at a listener chart with a special emphasis on planets crossing the angles of the birth chart!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cosmic Weather 106!

Mercury Goes Direct * Sun into Pisces * Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to another episode of zaniness and astrological wisdom from Kelly and Krysta! We hope you enjoy the passage of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Pisces this week. Should be a mystical revelation at the least! Also, we have a full moon lunar eclipse to help you break habits and get your body functioning at its highest level!

Also this week, I've added a link to the first audio chapter of my astrology book, Celestial Renaissance: A Revolution of Astrology for your astrological edification. You can get the first chapter FREE, and can also go to my site at and purchase the audio version of this out-of-print book and you'll receive a new chapter each week! Yet another way you can support the Cosmic Weather.

Also, Asheville healers unite with the creation of OWHAI, One World Healing Arts Institute, where I will offer astrology classes starting March 15th. The initial beginning class is called "It Takes a Village to Live Your Whole Chart." I hope to see some Asheville listeners there, and please spread the word if you are local!

Have a great week!

Here's the link! Enjoy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cosmic Weather 105!

Venus into Aquarius * Grand Earth Trine

Everyone is freaking out with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, the sign of rebels and freedom fighters! And for the first time in weeks, we have listener questions, taking a look at charts of our loyal supporters!

Life is a continuous wave of inspiration cycling with loss and despair. If you get caught up in the hoopla, you can easily get whirled into a state of depression. So let's lift our spirits up this week, by drinking some chai with espresso, popping a couple of Excedrin, and getting down to the creative work at hand!

Creativity may be my religion! I love creating universes and characters for novels. The universe is inherently meaningful, and so whatever you put your life essence into, then you are going to receive benefits proportionally.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is hammering Clinton, which I'm psyched about. I vote for change! Yes we Can! Krysta doesn't think either candidate is liberal enough for her standards, but I'm all about Obama, who could very well be our first black president. It will be really cool to see a poster with all the past presidents heads on it with a cool black male at the end of a long string of old white men! That just seems cool!

Anyway have a great week, and may the Cosmic Weather bless you!

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cosmic Weather 104!

New Moon in Aquarius * Solar Eclipse * Mercury Conjunct Chiron

It's that time of year again, where people wish me a happy birthday on Feb 5th! I'll be 37 this year and they say in astrology that's the year of your dark night of the soul, with Pluto square Pluto, but I've already passed the conjunction transit, and hey it was a lot of hard work, but I made it!

And now we have this New Moon in Aquarius which is shaping up the world on the heels of Super Bowl 42 where the Patriots attempt the impossible, to finish the season with aperfect 19-0 record. Will the NY Giants rise to the occasion as the underdog?

And then things get really heated on Super Duper Tuesday as 22 states of our once-proud and great nation go to the polls to cast their democratic vote for the next presidential nominee. On the deflated Republican side, they've scraped together 71 year old John McCain, while on the democratic side there is an interesting come from behind battle being waged by Barack Obama against the inevitable Hillary Clinton, or at least they thought she was a show in for the nomination.

I have to say, that after watching the debates and speeches, I'm casting my vote for Barack all the way, because he has given voice to a new generation of fired up people who are ready to go, and has inspired me to be the greatest human being I can be. Black Eyed Peas musician Will.I.Am got together and performed the Yes We Can song based on Barack's NH speech, after he was defeated by Clinton. We've spliced that song into the show, because it could be the most important song this year, with over 100,000 listens on the first night it was released.

All in all, we need to learn to govern ourselves, but it's always great to have those heroic leaders who inspire us to reach further to achieve our dreams. Barack Obama is such a great man! Oh Captain my Captain, the poets would address him, for he is a true hero in this time of cynicism and despair in the world. The November election features Uranus opposed to Saturn, and that symbolizes that the election is about the future and the past...we'll see what the people really want on Super Tuesday this week, my birthday, and all I really want for a present is for Barack to win big!

Here's the link! Enjoy the crazy show!