Monday, May 21, 2007

Cosmic Weather 80!

Denzel Washington * Mercury Oppose Pluto * Listener Questions! (At last!)

This week we're back on track with another zany episode of the Cosmic Weather! And we mean zany! Zany! Zany! Zany! It's liberating just to say it. We've got famous actor Denzel Washington's chart, as well as a host of listener questions and comments. The vote is in, and you love the Cosmic Weather, so we aren't going anywhere!

The show must go on!

Check out all the action and stunning astrological revelation this week on show number 80! Twenty more shows and we'll be at that all-elusive show number 100! Let's have fun on the journey there!

Here's the link. Enjoy the show, as you'll certainly see that we did!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cosmic Weather 79!

Johann Kepler * Taurus New Moon * Chart Interpretation Tips

Hello folks! We had to take a forced Spring Break hiatus and now everyone's back in action, and we have an interesting show for your listening pleasure. First of all the sky is in an uproar, or maybe we should call it an up-snore, since both the Sun and Moon are going to be squaring Neptune the planet of dreams this week. Have you been feeling tired lately, especially with the Balsamic Moon phase over the last weekend? If you're not falling asleep, then you're not tuning into the cosmic dance! So, pay attention and dream, that's the message of the week!

And who is this bum on i-tunes saying we suck as a podcast? We need loyal listeners to get on the i-tune music store and let them know how valuable the show is to you. Let them know how the show has deepened your astrological insight. And if we really do suck, let us know that too! Tell us what you'd rather see. You can email me at, so get on it and make up your own survey. LOL

Also this week we offer some handy dandy chart interpretation tips, and then we dive into the natal chart of the famous mystical mathematician/astrologer Johann Kepler, whom the new Kepler College of Arts and Sciences is named for! This guy was way cool, what with Neptune on his Gemini Ascendant and major connections to all three outer planets. What a voice for his generation! Check it out. Here's the link!