Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cosmic Weather 148

Cancer New Moon * Solar Eclipse * Eric Meyers * Mercury into Leo * Venus into Cancer

Professional astrologer and fellow 1971-born colleague Eric Meyers of has rejoined me for another episode of the Cosmic Weather. We discuss the important ramifications of this powerful New Moon in Cancer which forms a Grand Cross with the Cardinal T-Cross that has been rocking the world since 2008!

Eric will be joining the discussion every New Moon and occasional Full Moons, so I'm excited to have him back on the team! I love his Cancerian psychological evolutionary style, as it really adds the feeling dimension to the play-by-play planet-by-planet analysis!

This next few weeks we have a number of planets heading into new signs like Mercury into Leo dramatizing the mind and Venus into Cancer opening the heart to sensitive compassion, the perfect season of creative romance and blissfully imaginative love!

Hope you enjoy the show, and look forward to your comments. If you would like to ask a question about your chart we'd love to answer. Please send me your data and any questions or concerns you have and we may go into it on the next FUll Moon episode!

Enjoy the show! Here's the link!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cosmic Weather 147

New Moon in Gemini * Jupiter enters Lush Taurus * Mercury into Gemini

After enduring a near death accident where I got hit by a car on my bike, I'm happy to still be on the planet and delivering the Cosmic Weather to you today! Hopefully the darkness of this last two weeks has treated you kinder than it has me. But I endure with a happy spirit with chin held high.

Lots going on this week, with Jupiter moving into Taurus....things are stabilizing...time to get down to a great stint of work.

Enjoy the next two weeks!

Here's the link!