Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cosmic Weather 134

Scorpio Full Moon * Merc Retro * Sun square Mars

Welcome to another contemplative conversation between Eric and I over the topic of the Full Moon appearing in the archetype of change. Whatever changes you instigates in the Fall are now coming into full focus as the illuminating power of this lunation descends into humanity's collective consciousness.

Check out my continuing adventures to live a Location Independent lifestyle over at my new blog and website

Eric's new "Elements" website has gone live as well over at

The 4th of five passes of the Uranus opposition to Saturn, where our society itself has a mid-life crisis, has occurred and we are left reeling in the wake of this chaotic time. How can you live an empowering life and how can you tap into your gifts and serve the world?

The universe is a marvelous orchestration of simultaneous activity. I mean, when we're all asleep over hear, they are having tea in China discussing the latest news in their hemisphere of consciousness. WoW! That's a really cool thought. There is always something cool going on! Probably alot of bad stuff too, but hey it's the price of inhabiting a fluid form body in a world of sharp and rocky objects. We don't tend to last very long and at the same time you can find eternity in a moment!

I've written about keeping our lives in balance through the wisdom of the seven classical planets on my Traveling Magi Blog, and discussed the inner Structure of Consciousness. All astrological fun!

Anyway, I digress! Here's the link.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cosmic Weather 133

Aries New Moon * Sun into Taurus * Uranus opposes Saturn

There's a lot going on in the sky this week, including Mercury retrograde. But with the intense dark moon over, the Aries new moon has swept in to re-energize us for a true march into Springtime! Enjoy the fiery expression!

Both Eric and I launched new web visions today under this pioneering Aries lunation. Eric launched his new website in companionship with his amazing partner Sagit after they relocated to my former town Asheville, NC! The new site is called I often call the 12th House the House of Soul Vision, so that's really spankin' cool! The site has a beautiful elemental theme based on Eric's upcoming new astrology book.

In my continuing effort to release most of my cumbersome possessions and inspire people through my travels, I launched, Adventures of a Celestial Characterologist. Being a student of character and its evolution through time and inspired by the cosmos, I often refer to my job as a celestial characterologist.

Anyway, hope you are able to gain a lot from my new Traveling Magi Blog and Eric's work with Sagit at Soul Vision Consulting. Also, I've finally joined the Twitter revolution. You can become a follower of my creative genius over at

Enjoy the show! Here's the link.