Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Special Feature: Poetic Astrology

Special Feature: Poetic Astrology

Well folks, I'm officially married, and that's why we missed doing the show this week. You try having 70 people at your house! At last, people are trickling away, and we're down to my four spiritual brothers... It was great seeing my mom and Grandparents after so many years!
I've been taking my friends on nature tours to water falls, so we've had a blast!

Anyway, to make up for our absence, I've posted a Special Feature of a talk I did at the AFA conference in Scottsdale AZ back in 2003. The title is Poetic Astrology, and it's all about storytelling the birth chart! So enjoy.

Here's the link!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cosmic Weather 83!

M.C. Escher * Sun into Cancer * Mars into Taurus

This week we have a bizarre show for you with the vivid artist M.C Escher showing off his Geminian duality prints! We even here from Jack Black, who doesn't even know what day he was born on!

We look at a fascinating listener question on just how an astrologer goes about interpreting a planet in a sign in a house. Where do you start, where do you end?

We have a busy last week of Spring as we approach the mighty Summer Solstice. How are you planning on using Mars' last moments in Aries before he cruises into relaxing Taurus!

Here's the link. Enjoy the show!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cosmic Weather 82!

Walt Whitman * Astrology VS Science * Gemini New Moon * Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Lots happening this week as we launch into the last few weeks of Spring and get ready to melt into Summer. It's already blazing hot here thanks to global warming!

In today's show we go into the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, the New Moon in Gemini and other juicy transits. We also debunk the debunkers as Astrology goes head-to-head with modern science. They might have more cultural prestige and funding, but we've got way more intelligence, heart, and spirit. Most scientists would love for astrology to be a thing of the past. But its influence in modern society is stronger than ever, and they can't understand why we won't give up this "ancient superstition". We invoke the aid of Valerie Vaughn with her most excellent article on the subject to combat the Astrology Defense Kit that so called scientists have unleashed into the public educational system to destroy astrology.

Also, we take a look at the enigmatic personage of Walt Whitman, the famous American poet that broke all the rules of decorum and launched an entire generation of great poets. His chart features a Gemini Sun with Aries Rising and a Leo Moon, but that's not all. How many charts have you see with a triple conjunction of Saturn, Chiron, and Pluto square to a Uranus-Neptune Conjunction? This guy was invented to influence multiple generations!

Here's the link. Enjoy the craziness!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cosmic Weather 81!

Leonardo DiCaprio * Sun Oppose Jupiter * Listener Charts

Hi there everyone, Krysta and I are back with another installment of the Cosmic Weather, and this time we've gone too far! Well at least I've gone too far..right off the deep end, with Krysta there to sound the irrelevancy alarm as I splash into the waters of my own indignation! What am I indignant about? Well shall we start with religion, politics, or science...LOL

Anyway, we hope you laugh as hard as we did while giving birth to another show! Always fun, slightly edgy, this show might piss a few people off, but hey, that's entertainment, right? At least we're honest to the bitter blunt biting core!

And who would want to miss the show with Mr. Leo-mania himself, who isn't even a Leo for heaven's sake, but a Scorpio with Libra Rising and a Libra Moon, posing as a Leo...well, at least in name. Anyway, we're glad to be back in action, and hope you enjoyt he heck out of us jabbering!

Here's the link.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Special Feature!

The Celestial Mandala: Astrological Seasons of the Soul

Sorry 'bout the missed show last week. I was on location filming interviews with astrologers in Seattle at the NORWAC conference. What an amazing time we all had. That's three conferences under my belt and about 100 hours of HD footage. I took the red eye plane from Seattle to NC last night and had the great pleasure to watch the Full Moon in Sagittarius set out the airplane window. It was so awesome that I broke out my camera and filmed it over the mystical puffy cloudage. What a cool scene.

Six months ago with the New Moon in Sag I received a vision about creating a certain astrology documentary. Now at the Full Moon check point, I've come to ask if I'm FULLfilled in my 12th house vision, and the answer is an overwhelming yes! It has been quite the journey, and my body is tired from the strain of travel and much hard work, but now is not the time to let up. I still must film the dramatic elements of the story and edit it all together! But it was so delicious to receive a full moon vision on the plane about the exact direction I need to head in to bring the project to completion. I met with Chris Brennan and Michelle Gould of AYA, and we are teaming up to put on the movie night of your life at UAC in Denver next May. Hope to see you there!

To honor the cycles, I've uploaded a lecture I did at Hunter College in NYC for their annual NCGR conference. I talked about the transits and how to dive into a chart in terms of elucidating the various seasons of the soul. Enjoy...and you'll hear from Krysta and I on Monday!

Here's the link!