Friday, February 26, 2010

Cosmic Weather 130

Virgo Full Moon * Jupiter conjunct Sun * Venus Conjunct Uranus

Eric Meyers and I recorded a Virgo Full Moon podcast live from Borders bookstore with a wondrous panoramic view of the Flatirons. As I continue to deal with the end of my relationship Eric is excited to be moving to Asheville next month with his love. Life is strange right now. I'm beginning to think that the universe is conspiring to get me mobile and free for the upcoming global crisis T-Cross that's bound to shake up everything in June and July. We'll see what happens!

I'm following the synchronicities each day and meeting amazing people. After we recorded the podcast a lady came up to us and expressed strong interest in astrology and we had an amazing time decoding her birth chart. Turns out that's she's an academic psychologist type with an archetypal Jungian focus. We had a great connection. Anyway, embrace the river of life and receive the harvests of past action even if it hurts to stand firm in the emotional truth of the situation.

Here's the link! Enjoy the show!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cosmic Weather 129

Aquarius New Moon * Chiron conjunct Neptune

Welcome to the Boulder Edition of the Cosmic Weather Podcast as I've recently relocated to my favorite city on the earth, Boulder Colorado, a true return of this Magi!

Eric and I got together at the Book End coffee shop on Pearl Street Mall to record an intriguing conversation about the Aquarian New Moon and the ramifications of not only the Chiron Neptune Conjunction, but also the ongoing tumultuous regeneration of responsibilities and structures invoked by the Pluto Saturn square.

Nevertheless, interesting times are ahead as Jupiter planet of inspiration speeds through the oceanic waters of Pisces to make its predestined appointment with Uranus at the beginning of the fire sign Aries, which only promises to change the world with the introduction of revolutionary inventions that will lead us into the full fledged experience of the Aquarian Renaissance!

On the treadmill at the YMCA this morning I watched the morning sun rise only to dissappear into a giant looming cloud and the following poem lines poured out of me at the coffee shop later:

The Sun rose again only to be swallowed by a great purple spreading cloud. It seems like the whole world was turned upside down and the karma of old desires returned to haunt me again... Old choices and familiar voices taunt me into realizing the impermanence of anything.

I find myself on that dangerous life-defining edge of mystery and destiny again...
Waiting in the prison of my torn heart to catch the next wave, yearning to live the only life I can authentic life beyond fear, beyond loss, not wallowing in my dirty soy chai...there's an experiment rising in my heart as the shards of my former life melt ... into pools of grief within...the authentic life free of struggle is sounding its silent gong and its brave vibrations are playing my soul song...

Enjoy the conversation! Eric is moving to Asheville soon , so we are trading places!

Here's the link!