Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cosmic Weather 121!

Obama Wins! * Mars into Sagittarius * Pluto into Capricorn * Polarity Shifts in Consciousness

Welcome to another belated edition of the Cosmic Weather! This week I'm traveling to Toronto to show Return of the Magi, so I'm recording two weeks of transits. I've been traveling a lot showing the film, so sorry bot the lack of Cosmic Weather episodes. I've received all of your emails, even on the road in strange coffee shops, and I know it's been tough. This week I'm catching up on astrology chart orders so if you've ordered a chart it will be in the mail by Friday! Woo HOO! Happy New Mooon in Sag!

This is the first Cosmic Weather in the new Obama Era, so I thought I'd recapture some of the spirit of that amazing night with Uranus opposing Saturn and the Moon in futuristic Aqauraius. What a night! Tears were flowing like rivers from my eyes as my family celebrated a dawning of a new Age. Barack will be the President who will guide us into the Aquarian Era as the Jupiter Satrun conjunction of 2020 will sit right on his Jupiter, and Jupiter will be there on inauguration day! Woo Hoo! Gonna be an exciting 12 years!

We'll also look at the role of Ceres, the bringer of seasons, in the collapse of the financial system through signs in the heavenly seasonal ingress charts. Wow was she ever potent!

In the Suprnova Insight we'll go a step further into Polarity anding with a poem I once wrote on Streaming Free!

Hope you enjoy the show. See ya in early December!

Here's the link!