Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cosmic Weather 124!

Wife Swap * Astrology & History * Tao of Astrology

Welcome back to the re-re-emergence of the Cosmic Weather Podcast! I've been overwhelmed with both busy-ness and research and unable to be in the frame of mind to record podcasts, with the filming of Wife Swap and all that that entails. You can check out all the details of my family the "Brazenwoods" going on the show at ABC's Wife Swap website as of Friday APRIL 24th 2009. The show airs at 8 PM, and with 7 million people watching it should be a hoot as people encounter for the first time the bizarre character you know as your Cosmic Weather Podcast host, Kelly Lee Phipps. Christina Brazenwood, my wife, who starred in Return of the Magi, goes to El Paso texas as we exchange lives with realist conservative rodeo cowboy people, Yerrrrhahhh!

On a non-rediculous note, during Astrology Illustrated, I reveal some of the history cycles of been up to my crown chakra in research over the last month with. We begin by taking an in-depth look at some of the key archetypal developments that occured in the Age of Leo and Cancer from 10000 BC to 6000 BC. Fascinating stuff that will blow your mind!

In the Supernova Explosion of Insight segment I begin looking at the unfolding of the book project I've been calling the Tao of Astrology. I just released the 30-hour video educational course exploring the ideas in the book and you can watch the first three classes FREE over at AstrologyIlluminated.TV, the growing video archive of professional astrology!

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy watching Wife Swap this week, as the astrologers face off with the cowboys, what a perfect expression of the current culture wars!

Here's the link!