Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cosmic Weather 122!

Steffan Vanel* Astrological Karma of the USA * Venus into Aquarius

This week we have a very special guest with Steffan Vanel, author of The Astrological Karma of the U.S.A. Steffan helps me lay out the Celestial Forecast for the week of December 1st followed by a riveting discussion of current astrological trends, the karma of America, Obama, the spiritual path, economic transformation, and much much more!

In fact, we went so all over the place with our discussion that it took up the whole Astrology Illustrated plus the Supernova Explosion of Insight segments! I'm sure you'll love the journey into consciousness. Also, I'll be video taping a lecture he is doing on the topic and putting it on the AstrologyIlluminated.TV website this week, so you can see him for yourself breaking it down. You can check out more about his work in astrology at his site

Have a great week and get out there and use that Sun Mars in Sag energy combined with the lovely Venus alignment with Jupiter in Capricorn!

Here's the link. Enjoy the heck out of yourself!