Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cosmic Weather 125

Libra New Moon Edition

Welcome to the new format for the reborn Cosmic Weather podcast. I'm very excited about my new co-host, professional astrologer Eric Meyers of Astrology Sight

Eric and I are both born in 1971 under the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, so this episode I introduced as the Jupiter-Neptune brothers edition of the Cosmic Weather.

Also, I've updated the format and simplified the show so we can get it to you under an hour every two weeks. We will record a show for the New Moon and another for the Full moon, covering the world transits common to everyone on a bi-weekly basis in our Cosmic Weather Forecast.

We'll still have our Astrology Illustrated segment where we'll introduce astrological principles of interpretation and look at the charts of famous people as well as the charts of listeners who email us with their birth data and questions about their lives. So don't be shy!

I've also taken a plunge into the wide open world of text messaging with a new service called the Daily Cosmic Flow over at Daily Cosmic Flow

Each night, I meditate on the astrological configurations for the next day, and write a zen-like 140 character text message that is sent to subscribers every day. Thanks to my friend Ryan Lee, a long-time listener of the Cosmic Weather podcast, I was able to create this new service.
Here are some example text messages so you can see if you would like to subscribe for just $2 per month:

Thursday Oct 15th: Lightning visions abound if you can fresh squeeze relationships for the nectar of karma. Adversity is how you heal and advance your plans.

Friday Oct 16th: Repair your perception and transcend the wounds you bear, for the wisdom of soul-force is there to guide our diplomatic breakthrough.

Saturday Oct 17th: Creative fires ignite if you can seize the moment! Ingenious adjustments will catapult your performance to the stars.

Sunday Oct 18th: The designing spiritual vectors of your life purpose are at a crossroads. Choices today will determine your next challenging adventure.

Hope you enjoy the new format and please welcome Eric Meyers aboard!

Here's the Link!