Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cosmic Weather 127

Scorpio New Moon Edition * Sun into Sag * Venus Square Neptune

This week we take a look at the chart of Scorpio actress Jodie Foster and contemplate the world transits for the period of the Scorpio New Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio squares the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction promising some interesting diplomatic debate about universal health care, despite the conservative backlash common to the Saturn Pluto Square.

We definitely live in interesting times!

Enjoy the Show!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cosmic Weather 126

Taurus Full Moon Edition * Venus into Scorpio * Saturn squares Pluto

Welcome to another period of Cosmic Weather insights from you hosts, Kelly Lee Phipps and Eric Meyers. We love astrology, the celestial language of communing with the rhythms and cycles of life and we hope you will explore its amazing insights by listening to the podcast.

During this Taurus Full Moon period, we've got one of the great transits happening with Saturn and Pluto perfecting their square aspect, hence we called this the Lords of Darkness edition of the Cosmic Weather. This transit cycle has to do with conservative empowerment and the fear of change, and goes back to the early 80's when they made their initial conjunction. During their first square in the 90's we saw the emergence of the Right Wing power elite in government, government by the wealthy for the wealthy, a veritable Plutocracy. During the opposition the terrorist attacks of 9-11 occurred and ratcheted up the vibe of fear. With Pluto in Sag wars over religious differences were in the stars.

No we come to the final closing square as we see the crumbling of the Republican Party and the rise of the new Liberal Generation. You have Tea Party folks demonizing Obama as the Antichrist while the rest of the world welcomes the new winds of change already reflected in the regenerated diplomatic international climate. These next seven -nine years will be interesting indeed as we watch the revolution of consciousness phase in the 38 year Saturn-Pluto cycle draw to a close.

In the Cosmic Weather podcast we discuss strategies for integrating these planetary forces into your life. Hope you enjoy the show!

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