Monday, May 21, 2012

Gemini Solar Eclipse

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse Despite the world's official position on astrology, it seemed like everyone, including the major news networks,were lifting their eyes heavenward to see the dramatic Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Gemini over the weekend. I happened to be having a class with the Boulder Astrology Guild on Sunday where we had a Round Table Discussion about the impact of this Solar Eclipse in their charts. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the link.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cosmic Weather Reborn!

Boulder Astrology Guild * The Seven Traditional Planets * Global Renaissance We had our first authentic gathering of the Boulder Astrology Guild on May 6, 2012. With the Spring always comes renewal, and I've recently rebirthed my core astrology website Divine Inspiration Astrology. I've been so focused working on my magnum opus, The Tao of Astrology, that I took a long sabbatical from recording cosmic weather episodes. But I'm feeling the emergence and gearing up to record for the New Moon in Gemini. I'm committing to a new schedule of productivity where I produces one Cosmic Weather per month covering both the New and Full moons, hoping to tweet updates as crucial transits emerge at my twitter account: TravelingMagi. The Waxing Quarter will be article release time and the Full Moon will bring a video vision. The Waning Quarter will be about releasing a new philosophical Blog over at Traveling Magi blog. You can access all this wonderful creativity through Divine Inspiration Astrology dot com. For this post I'm adding the first get-together/lecture of the Boulder Astrology Guild's 2012 season where we focused on the Seven Traditional Planets among a million other topics! Here's the link! Enjoy...