Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cosmic Weather 120!

Mars into Scorpio * Presidential Candidates * Principle of Rhythmic Vibration

I'm back from Sedona and Boulder! The Blast Astrology Conference was highly educational for all involved. Congratulations go out to Moses Siregar for putting together another amazing conference, can't wait to see what he'll do for the Blast III in 2010! I filmed the whole congference and will have those videos to Moses by December 9th for your purchasing/viewing pleasure! I for one thought I gave one of the best lectures of my life, if I could just stand still...I get so excited!

Anyway, this past week we've had the New Moon in Libra combined with Mercury retrograde in Libra and Mars in Libra, the sign of Lawmaking, and look what happened in our precious economy with the crazy Bailout bill. We'll look at the astrology of that as we go.

Also on Astrology Illustrated, it's about time I looked at all four Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidate's charts and give you some bird's eye perspectives of the BIG stuff that's popping out in the charts!

And we'll wrap up this show with our usual blast of wisdom from the Supernova Explosion of Insight with a new chapter from my metaphysics book, whether you like it or not! LOL Anyway, with the birth of consciousness and divinity dividing into two, we now have polarity in the cosmos, which leads to the Principle of Rhythmic Vibration, and the begotting of Yang and Yin, two streams of consciousness that birthedthe universe. So tune in today and check out the BIG BANG!

Here's the link. Enjoy the show!