Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cosmic Weather 103!

Sun into Aquarius * Pluto into Capricorn * Jupiter Trine Saturn

We've got a quick update of last week, with Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. We were out of the office and out of our brains from overworking, donations are appreciated!

Also this week, we have Pluto going into Capricorn for a world transforming event, and a new large cycle of transformation focused on governments and power structures. After all these centuries, have we really learned anything? Or will we repeat history and keep on fighting each other as if we own the place or something?

On an inspirational note Krysta has finally begun her first astrology book! Yahoo! And I have launched the first ever astrology web channel, AstrologyIlluminated.TV...check it out! Lots of videos going out to the world including a video of our former co-host Benjamin Bernstein on the topic of Smart Marketing for Astrology!

For those of you wanting to pursue a lucrative career in astrology, I am offering one-on-one mentoring programs to help you launch your life calling as an astrologer helping people around the globe! More info available at:

the link! Enjoy the show!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Cosmic Weather 102!

Capricorn New Moon * Seasonal Ingress Charts for 2008!

We all have desires! Yet, when those desires keep us eating the same bag of chips over and over to the point of a stomach ache, when will we have the courage to wake up and change? When will we find a purpose worthy of our willpower? When will we let go and let things flow from a divine current of imagination, beauty, and vision?

Are you ready to awaken in 2008 to the true life you were meant to embody or would you rather just sit home with a stomach ache and wallow in your pity and despair? I say, let's fight for a new day of freedom and creative self-expression!


Here's the link. Enjoy the craziness!