Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cosmic Weather 128

Gemini Full Moon Edition*Jupiter conjuncts Chiron*Mercury into Capricorn

Eric and Kelly dive ino the transits for this period. The Full Moon in Gemini is illuminating communications blessing writers everywhere with clarity of insight and bright intellect. Mercury into Capricorn is hellping shift our minds making for more mental discipline especially as it moves into the square to Saturn and deep research conjunction with Pluto! Also, Jupiter makes its final pass to Chiron and Neptune over Christmas bringing a healing of all the pain and wounds suffered this year.

Enjoy the show!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cosmic Weather 127

Scorpio New Moon Edition * Sun into Sag * Venus Square Neptune

This week we take a look at the chart of Scorpio actress Jodie Foster and contemplate the world transits for the period of the Scorpio New Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio squares the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction promising some interesting diplomatic debate about universal health care, despite the conservative backlash common to the Saturn Pluto Square.

We definitely live in interesting times!

Enjoy the Show!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cosmic Weather 126

Taurus Full Moon Edition * Venus into Scorpio * Saturn squares Pluto

Welcome to another period of Cosmic Weather insights from you hosts, Kelly Lee Phipps and Eric Meyers. We love astrology, the celestial language of communing with the rhythms and cycles of life and we hope you will explore its amazing insights by listening to the podcast.

During this Taurus Full Moon period, we've got one of the great transits happening with Saturn and Pluto perfecting their square aspect, hence we called this the Lords of Darkness edition of the Cosmic Weather. This transit cycle has to do with conservative empowerment and the fear of change, and goes back to the early 80's when they made their initial conjunction. During their first square in the 90's we saw the emergence of the Right Wing power elite in government, government by the wealthy for the wealthy, a veritable Plutocracy. During the opposition the terrorist attacks of 9-11 occurred and ratcheted up the vibe of fear. With Pluto in Sag wars over religious differences were in the stars.

No we come to the final closing square as we see the crumbling of the Republican Party and the rise of the new Liberal Generation. You have Tea Party folks demonizing Obama as the Antichrist while the rest of the world welcomes the new winds of change already reflected in the regenerated diplomatic international climate. These next seven -nine years will be interesting indeed as we watch the revolution of consciousness phase in the 38 year Saturn-Pluto cycle draw to a close.

In the Cosmic Weather podcast we discuss strategies for integrating these planetary forces into your life. Hope you enjoy the show!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cosmic Weather 125

Libra New Moon Edition

Welcome to the new format for the reborn Cosmic Weather podcast. I'm very excited about my new co-host, professional astrologer Eric Meyers of Astrology Sight

Eric and I are both born in 1971 under the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, so this episode I introduced as the Jupiter-Neptune brothers edition of the Cosmic Weather.

Also, I've updated the format and simplified the show so we can get it to you under an hour every two weeks. We will record a show for the New Moon and another for the Full moon, covering the world transits common to everyone on a bi-weekly basis in our Cosmic Weather Forecast.

We'll still have our Astrology Illustrated segment where we'll introduce astrological principles of interpretation and look at the charts of famous people as well as the charts of listeners who email us with their birth data and questions about their lives. So don't be shy!

I've also taken a plunge into the wide open world of text messaging with a new service called the Daily Cosmic Flow over at Daily Cosmic Flow

Each night, I meditate on the astrological configurations for the next day, and write a zen-like 140 character text message that is sent to subscribers every day. Thanks to my friend Ryan Lee, a long-time listener of the Cosmic Weather podcast, I was able to create this new service.
Here are some example text messages so you can see if you would like to subscribe for just $2 per month:

Thursday Oct 15th: Lightning visions abound if you can fresh squeeze relationships for the nectar of karma. Adversity is how you heal and advance your plans.

Friday Oct 16th: Repair your perception and transcend the wounds you bear, for the wisdom of soul-force is there to guide our diplomatic breakthrough.

Saturday Oct 17th: Creative fires ignite if you can seize the moment! Ingenious adjustments will catapult your performance to the stars.

Sunday Oct 18th: The designing spiritual vectors of your life purpose are at a crossroads. Choices today will determine your next challenging adventure.

Hope you enjoy the new format and please welcome Eric Meyers aboard!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cosmic Weather Special

Poetic Art of Chart Synthesis * AFOA

On Tuesday May 24th, I gave a lecture to the Asheville Friends of Astrology about the Poetic Art of Chart Synthesis. of course I recorded the talk so I could send it to the thirsting listeners of the Cosmic Weather Podcast. I know I've been in another zone lately, maybe in another dimension. In the talk I open talking about the great conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in there's some long awaited for Cosmic Weather.

Mercury has been retrograde in my 6th house and the New Moon too, and I injured my foot, so I had to limp to my lecture on Tuesday, and I think it was the first time I ever gave a lecture while sitting down. One friend said, "It wouldn't be the same without the infamous Kelly sway!" But I think it came out great. I just wish I had another hour to lay out the ideas.

Anyway, hope you are planting cool seeds under the new Moon in Gemini we just had for this month. Who knows what they will mature into 6 months from now!

Here's the link. Enjoy the lecture!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Edition of the Cosmic Weather

Tao of Astrology

Enjoy the second class of the Tao of Astrology local class taught in Asheville NC. I love to blow people's minds with astrology and make it fun!

Enjoy the class!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cosmic Weather 124!

Wife Swap * Astrology & History * Tao of Astrology

Welcome back to the re-re-emergence of the Cosmic Weather Podcast! I've been overwhelmed with both busy-ness and research and unable to be in the frame of mind to record podcasts, with the filming of Wife Swap and all that that entails. You can check out all the details of my family the "Brazenwoods" going on the show at ABC's Wife Swap website as of Friday APRIL 24th 2009. The show airs at 8 PM, and with 7 million people watching it should be a hoot as people encounter for the first time the bizarre character you know as your Cosmic Weather Podcast host, Kelly Lee Phipps. Christina Brazenwood, my wife, who starred in Return of the Magi, goes to El Paso texas as we exchange lives with realist conservative rodeo cowboy people, Yerrrrhahhh!

On a non-rediculous note, during Astrology Illustrated, I reveal some of the history cycles of been up to my crown chakra in research over the last month with. We begin by taking an in-depth look at some of the key archetypal developments that occured in the Age of Leo and Cancer from 10000 BC to 6000 BC. Fascinating stuff that will blow your mind!

In the Supernova Explosion of Insight segment I begin looking at the unfolding of the book project I've been calling the Tao of Astrology. I just released the 30-hour video educational course exploring the ideas in the book and you can watch the first three classes FREE over at AstrologyIlluminated.TV, the growing video archive of professional astrology!

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy watching Wife Swap this week, as the astrologers face off with the cowboys, what a perfect expression of the current culture wars!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cosmic Weather 123

Reemergence * Uranus Oppose Saturn * Jupiter in Aquarius

Greetings humanity, friends, family, children of the Cosmos. I'm back, and better than ever. Sometimes the well runs dry, and you don't feel inspired to say anything. You just feel like listening for a few months, so that's what I did. Great thoughts have emerged like, " People will believe anything intellectually, as long as it supports how they feel" and "Sometimes your own Shadow attacks you the worst when invigorated by the actions of others." Today is my birthday and I turned 38, so that means the Sun and Moon and North Node are right back in the sky like the day I was born, so every 18 years or so, you get to start a new cycle of destiny. here's to an amazing year to come!

So anyway, lots of enjoying watching what's transpiring on our little blue planet called Earth. I loved the inauguration of Obama with the Sun and Mercury and Jupiter hugging the Midheaven that day in Aquarius. What a turning point in history! He even mentioned something about a New Age! Twice! Not that I enjoy associating myself with the goofy side of cosmic consciousness, but hey, it is a new age dawning...

Then there was that crazy Superbowl, where the Cardinals almost upset the Steelers, but instead the Steelers with a black head coach upset the record books with the only team that's ever won six superbowls. Wow, they get it done.

Also, in the Supernova Explosion of insight I talk about the Nature of the Creative Void, that deep mysterious darkness that breathes when you close your eyes. yes, that's it, right there. Let's go on a jounrey there in this podcast and contemplate the eternal power of the moment to link the yin and yang strands of time itself. I promise not to bore you! Come, jump on your horse, the Cosmic Weather is summoning a storm!

Here's the link. Enjoy the show!