Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cosmic Weather 123

Reemergence * Uranus Oppose Saturn * Jupiter in Aquarius

Greetings humanity, friends, family, children of the Cosmos. I'm back, and better than ever. Sometimes the well runs dry, and you don't feel inspired to say anything. You just feel like listening for a few months, so that's what I did. Great thoughts have emerged like, " People will believe anything intellectually, as long as it supports how they feel" and "Sometimes your own Shadow attacks you the worst when invigorated by the actions of others." Today is my birthday and I turned 38, so that means the Sun and Moon and North Node are right back in the sky like the day I was born, so every 18 years or so, you get to start a new cycle of destiny. here's to an amazing year to come!

So anyway, lots of enjoying watching what's transpiring on our little blue planet called Earth. I loved the inauguration of Obama with the Sun and Mercury and Jupiter hugging the Midheaven that day in Aquarius. What a turning point in history! He even mentioned something about a New Age! Twice! Not that I enjoy associating myself with the goofy side of cosmic consciousness, but hey, it is a new age dawning...

Then there was that crazy Superbowl, where the Cardinals almost upset the Steelers, but instead the Steelers with a black head coach upset the record books with the only team that's ever won six superbowls. Wow, they get it done.

Also, in the Supernova Explosion of insight I talk about the Nature of the Creative Void, that deep mysterious darkness that breathes when you close your eyes. yes, that's it, right there. Let's go on a jounrey there in this podcast and contemplate the eternal power of the moment to link the yin and yang strands of time itself. I promise not to bore you! Come, jump on your horse, the Cosmic Weather is summoning a storm!

Here's the link. Enjoy the show!