Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cosmic Weather 119!

Sun Oppose Uranus & Square Pluto * Dignities * Principle of Eternal Being

Welcome to another scintillating episode of the Cosmic Weather. This week we look at the celestial forecast for both this week and next as I will be traveling to the Blast Astrology Conference in Sedona, Arizona. Hope to see some of you there! It is the best conference on astrology ever!

We have the Sun blazing its spiritual light across the zodiac from Virgo to Pisces bringing clarity and precision to our visions and dreams! Also, the Sun will square Pluto for the last time in confident Sagittarius, so let's see those life purpose transformations shining bold.

On Astrology Illustrated we discuss the concept of dignities, when planets have associations to various signs and what they really signify in actual chart interpretation.

Then we wrap up with the Supernova Explosion of Insight, where I'll be discussing the core principle of my metaphysics philosophy, the Principle of Unified Being! We'll look at the seven amazing results of this principle and see how they can have practical application in your life! Woo Hoo!

Here's the link! Until late September!