Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cosmic Weather 116!

Solar Eclipse in Leo * The Feeling Moon * Living the Mystery

This week in astrology, we have an amazing alignment of the Earth with the Moon, Sun, and Mercury to create the perfect change we've all been waiting and yearning for, so open your wings and get ready to enjoy life to the fullest! Also Venus opposing the Chiron Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is bringing enlightenment and new realizations in relationships! Love from the deep open heart!

On Astrology Illustrated, we take a deep empathic look at the Moon, the Lady of the Night, and talk about interpretation strategies for analyzing this most mysterious of heavenly changeable lights!

During our Supernova explosion of Insight, we're back to reading about Opening the heart to Mystery, where we realize that our fears are the emotions holding us back from true serenity in life!

Enjoy the show!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cosmic Weather 115!

Geoffrey Cornelius Interview * Sun enters Leo * Opening the Heart to Mystery

Welcome to another mind-expanding episode of the Cosmic Weather! This week the big happy Sun flies into the archetype of the Lion, streaming free creative energy and generosity into the world! Welcome to your Domicile, oh Sun, giver of Life!

On Astrology Illustrated, we have a very special treat, an interview with one of the premiere scholars of astrology on the planet: Geoffrey Cornelius, a British Astrologer whose cool accent alone will blow your mind off it's hinges. Also, this is a preview of the new line of questioning I'm taking for the next film "Return of the Magi 2: Astrology Demystified" due out at X-mas. So check it out!

And if all that doesn't appease your appetite, and your only in the mood for some deep spiritual insights and poetic wisdom, just wait till the Supernova Explosion of Insight crashes against the shores of your elegant mind with a section of my metaphysics book called "Opening the Heart to Mystery." Tune in today and prepare to be cleansed from the inside on out!

Here's the link. Enjoy the heck outta this one!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cosmic Weather 114!

Sun trine Uranus * Mercury conjunct Ceres * Mercury oppose Jupiter

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the zany cosmic weather. I'm finally settling into my role as a solo podcaster, even laughing at my own jokes as usual and keeping it entertaining and real and deeper than ever, exposing my inner spiritual philosopher in the mix.

This week we have creative brilliance in play with the Sun trining Uranus, but we're still riding the wave of Saturn-Mars in Virgo too, so keep keepin' it tight but also dare to innovate and dream. There are other "yourselves" out there to pick up the pieces where you leave holes so don't worry about being perfect, just worry about doing what you love and doing it with the intense heat of longing that melts souls and fuses us into a unified Earth tribe!

On Astrology Illuminated I go into all the things you could possibly talk about in a chart...Yahoo!

And then on the Supernova Insight of the Week segment, we'll discuss the stages of awakening on the spiritual path! Woohoo!

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cosmic Weather 113!

Sun oppose Jupiter * Mercury oppose Pluto * Mars conjunct Saturn

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Cosmic Weather. Oh yes the signs are a changin'... Looks like the sky is jamming with activity this week! Mercury and Venus are changing signs and there are two major oppositions and Mars is conjuncting Saturn in Virgo, so the heavens are driving with the breaks on and acting as picky as can be!

On Astrology Illustrated this week we're going on a journey to the Sun, the Solar Core of our solar system. Just how do you interpret the Sun in your chart? Well listen to this week's podcast and find out more! Also enjoy a little solar meditation...

During the Supernova Explosion of Insight segment of the show, I discuss the Mystery of the Creative Void, going off the deep end into the unified field of divine love and metaphysics, and it's better than chocolate, at least for the soul!

Enjoy the heck out of the show. As always, please send your comments and questions. Would love to interpret someone's question using your chart if possible to show the magic of astrology in full focus!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cosmic Weather 112!

Cancer New Moon * Mars into Virgo * Cultivating Beginner's Mind

Welcome one and all to the rebirthed format for the Cosmic Weather! I want to thank everyone for listening to and supporting the show, the number one, longest running astrology podcast on the web backed by 23 years of experience and a visionary imagination that promises to light your inner fire and blast you into orbit around the archetype belt!

As for this show I'm going it alone, and the show says goodbye to Krysta Stahl Roy, an amazing astrologer who has tremendous talent and will go far in this field. Thank you Krysta for your year and a half of service. We'll miss you! Krysta has offered to keep the forums open for traffic!

This week we have some highly charged Mercurial mental energy combined with the Cancer New Moon, and Mars and the Moon heading into Virgo to make their great rendezvous with Saturn...should be a great, melancholy cleaning party!

On Astrology Illustrated we have a whole new series of lessons on chart interpretation, beginning with a new interpretation flow chart I designed which you can download during the show!

On the Supernova Explosion of Insight I discuss the importance of cultivating the Beginner's Mind of freshness and innocence, and we'll draw an analogy to River Rafting! Should be a whitewater adventure!

As always, enjoy the show and hope you like the new format. Your questions about astrology and/or your personal birth chart are always welcome! Who wants to be on the next show!

PS: Also this week, Thursday night at 5 PM, I'm appearing on another astrologer's radio show. His name is Chris Flisher, and his radio show and podcast is called The Turning of the Wheel.
Check it out here:

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