Monday, August 27, 2007

Cosmic Weather 92!

Saturn into Virgo * Full Lunar Eclipse in Pisces * Mercury Opposes Uranus

What a week of transition we have ahead! The universe is sending new marching orders and it has everything to do with getting serious about the details...

So when Saturn goes into Virgo next Sunday, the whole world is going to feel the need to get organized and take responsibility for our ambitions and use of power in the life field that Saturn is moving into in your chart!

Lunar Eclipses are good for breaking habits, so get over it already, whatever IT is for your life expression of cosmic creativity!

With Mercury oppose Uranus, don't be afraid to think anything this week! Be inventive!

Time to get rhythm! Enjoy the show...

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cosmic Weather 91!

Astrological Generations * Sun conjunct Saturn and into Virgo * Jupiter oppose Mars

This week we've done some research for a very special feature on our Astrology Illustrated segment, where we studied the various generations of people on the planet based on the Sign shifts of the outer planets! What generation are you a part of?

The Sun is heading into Virgo to help us defrag our mental Hard Drives and is in conjunction with wise Saturn. But the week won't be without amazing inspiration as Mars opposes Jupiter as well.

Here's the link! Enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cosmic Weather 90!

Sir Isaac Newton * Sun oppose Neptune * Saturn Returns

This week we're back to our full show with an amazing look at the chart of brilliant physicist and alchemist Sir Isaac Newton, who developed Calculus and the Theory of Gravitation, assisted by Saturn of course and his Mid-Life Crisis! What theory will your mid-life crisis produce to change the world?

We have an interesting week on the heels of the New Moon in Leo, with both Mercury and the Sun opposing Neptune, the planet of dreams. Toward the end of the week we have Neptune square Ceres asking us to ground our visions!

Also, we discuss Saturn Returns and talk about post-mid-life careers!

Here's the link! Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cosmic Weather 89!

*** An Amazing Week! ***

Check out the short and sweet but always dynamic and informative Cosmic Weather. This week we only had time to do the Celestial enjoy it!

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