Friday, July 15, 2011

Cosmic Weather 149

Capricorn Full Moon * Astrology Guild

For this wonderful Full Moon, my first since fellow astrologer Peter Roth and I moved into our new place in Boulder Colorado, I recorded the first meeting of the Astrology Guild as the Full Moon podcast.

With the illumination arriving in the sign of serious accomplishment, and activating productivity, the focus was to discuss the transits of the coming two weeks where Mercury and Venus are going to change Signs along with the Sun entering Leo. So exciting change is just around the corner even after this intense eclipse season that has already been a great tide of transformation.

Despite the world and its obvious decline, people are still alive and kicking and doing their part to make the world glow. If you step into your gifts and do what you love with passion, what legends will be written about your life in the end? We are all on a journey together in this world, and times of great adversity require heroic people to emerge.

So tune out the dark news designed to keep you in misery and controlled, and focus on the things and people you love. In the end the dust that sweeps across the terrain will be our form of conveyance....and the question for our eternal spirits will be...did I do my part, no matter how small and insignificant you think it is, to make the world glow with the gift of your becoming!

Enjoy the podcast! Here's the link!